Who We Are

Moorhead Marketing proudly provides its customers with the expertise of a seasoned business marketer who will work with you on a personal basis and provide access to a vast array of industry experts that we’ve partnered with. When you select us, you get an entire team of business partners and associates that  are specifically tailored to the needs of your project and striving to supply you with the expertise needed for your specific business needs.

In the face of the meteoric rise of the World Wide Web, we saw the need and opportunity to apply strategic marketing and applications knowhow to Web site development processes. Believing that these were the critical “first steps” in Web site development that were being overlooked, we began offering our website marketing services in late 1994.

We also provide a full range of dedicated inbound marketing services to to agribusinesses and other B2B companies at Harvest 91.

About John Moorhead, Marketing Strategist

John Moorhead founded Moorhead Marketing, Inc., the first marketing firm to specialize in High Tech. He planted the roots of his company in Palo Alto, CA in 1969 after launching two start ups, one in Chicago, Il and the other in Palo Alto, CA. Moorhead moved to Palo Alto to focus on emerging technology firms emerging up in what was then called Santa Clara Valley. Over the past 40 years, his firm evolved from one focused on high tech start ups to a broad-based marketing strategy and Internet communications firm servicing clients in many different industries nationally. In 1994, Moorhead shifted his primary focus on clients in the San Francisco Bay area to a national presence, with offices strategically located in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and Dallas, TX.

Moorhead’s firm worked entrepreneurial start-ups during their formation years, grooming them for recognition in their respective fields by creating the correct positioning for their brand. Moorhead helped launch some of the most important technological innovations of the last 40 years, including the first 3.5” disk drive, drug testing assays, telecommunications equipment, semiconductors, personal computers and software.

In 1994, Moorhead pioneered in the development of the Internet by building some of the first dynamically driven web sites for several fortune 100 companies. Since that time, his firm has built web sites for a large number of clients in many diverse industries, including financial institutions, publishing, dealers, distributors, home builders, Insurance companies, telecomm and marine parts suppliers.

Today, John Moorhead and Moorhead Marketing lend over three decades of experience to its business development services. Focusing on the Internet as the primary media communication vehicle, Moorhead Marketing helps companies compete on a level playing field in the vast and global Internet market.