Email Marketing

Though catchy viral campaigns and flashy ad banners may be the modus operandi of the moment, good old email is still very much a relevant weapon in your company’s marketing arsenal.

Bringing customers to your site with effective SEO and SEM is one thing, but entertaining and educating them with a compelling content or social media profile is another. Forming and maintaining a loyal client base and continuing a meaningful relationship with your customers, on a week-by-week basis, is something that can be efficiently achieved with strategic and ethical email campaigns.

Moorhead Marketing knows that the reader of your email is a captive audience, open to being absorbed and enlightened by your rich content message and very capable of clicking that “forward” button to tell their friends and family about your services!

Yes, marketing emails often end up in the Spam folder, or are deleted unread.  Because we know what “works”, we can provide an email marketing service that ensures your emails arrive, look good, engage the reader and prompt them to positive actions.