Branding Helps You Make Your Mark in Marketing

Branding has a long history in ranching. Daniel Braug and Frank Langford had neighboring ranches. Cattle were always crossing over the property line to graze. Which made it hard to separate them when it was time to drive them to market. It was a huge problem that needed a solution fast.

Having heard of placing a mark on cattle, Daniel and his ranch hands heated up a rod with a distinctive mark on the tip, identifying his ranch, and burned it into all of his herds. Now Daniel’s cattle could graze almost anywhere, and could still be separated easily when the cattle drive started. Soon all ranchers had implemented their own distinctive mark on all their cattle. Branding was born in the West.

Branding Today

Today, it’s not just cattle that need a distinctive brand. All companies and products need a distinctive way to separate themselves from the competition. One that says something about them. And that exudes credibility that helps buyers in their selection process.

Implementing a strong brand is not as easy as it was for Daniel Braug. With the growth of the Internet as well as print materials, managing a distinctive brand is a challenge. But, just like sorting roaming cattle, it needs to be done if you don’t want your customers and prospects to wander.

To achieve that, a brand needs to be consistent and easy to recognize every time a buyer sees it. It needs to be used the same way every time. This is called corporate identity design — a large part of the branding effort.

Cutting Your Company out from the Herd

Branding a product or company is more than a distinctive logo and corporate identity but, done well, they are a huge part of differentiating you from the herd. To make your mark, get a distinctive corporate identity design today.