How We Work

These days, just about anyone can build a simple website. However, building a great website, one with the ability to leave your competitors ‘in the dust’, requires careful planning, expert development and ongoing monitoring. A whizz-bang website one day could be tired and dated the next as new technologies, trends and techniques emerge.

At Moorhead Marketing, we know that there is much more to building a website than Flash tools, Javascripts and HTML coding. To reach your target audience effectively, your site needs to be appropriately key worded for Search Engine Optimization purposes, it needs to look great with an eye-catching theme and operate with smooth functionality.

Most importantly, it needs to do what your customers want it to do, whether that’s e-commerce, information dissemination or social interaction – and, it needs to do it better than the rest.

Moorhead Marketing provides the whole package. Our full service consultancy offers everything from initial market research, to development and testing of a website, and into site analytics and ongoing improvement.

We don’t just design websites, we design intelligent businesses.


At Moorhead Marketing, we apply more than 40 years of marketing experience, including expertise in online marketing from the very early years of Internet popularity.  Our methodology includes 4 central phases: Analyze. Develop. Connect. Grow.


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