Web Development

Your website is the public face of your company, so it’s essential to get it right.

Rather than a static dump for tedious copy and uninteresting visuals, your website should reflect the personality of the brand and your customers.

Like a good politician, a good website should

  • look good
  • meet the ideology of your target audience
  • do what your users want it to do, without false hope or promises

Whether your site is an e-commerce outlet, an online brochure for your brand, or a place where users interact, you should never compromise functionality for form, or vice versa.

Your site visitors must be captivated and motivated to act on their consumer desires – and to continue to do so, being physically able, through the site functionality, to meet these objectives every time.

With over 40 years in marketing, Moorhead Marketing has been involved the full range of marketing disciplines, including the online commerce since 1994. In that time, the industry has not stood still, and neither have we.

Along with our analysts, our web programmers offer our clients the freshest and most modern techniques in our approaches to optimized web design, using clean coding for rapid page loads and complete WC3 compliance.

Current trends, such as the importance of search engine and social media optimization, are at the forefront of our strategies. Every day, we search and learn new media opportunities, including mobile app development and touch screen technology.

Whatever your website needs to do and whoever you need to do it for, trust Moorhead Marketing to do it better.


Optimized Website Design is critical for any successful site, but especially for e-commerce sites. An online marketplace, or storefront, presents unique challenges that Moorhead Marketing can help you overcome. E-commerce sites need to be secure, easy to use, and reliable, plus they need spot-on SEO, sharp appearance, and sharp design.

Every visitor to your site is a potential customer with dollars to spend. If that shopping experience is confusing, slow, and tedious…. they’ll quickly click out and shop elsewhere.

Moorhead Marketing helps you to choose the right solution for your business from the vast array of e-commerce options available, and works with you to increase click-through rates from email marketing, ad banners and search engines. Every click counts — and our careful analysis of cart abandonment, registration rates, and pay-per-click successes will help you understand your customers’ needs.

Understanding your customers’ needs will increase those all-important profits.